Monday, January 12, 2015

where to begin.

Well, my friend, 2014 was quite a year.
One that unfolded with poor blog-documentation, and for that I apologize.
It wasn't because I wanted to keep you in the dark or out of the know.
It wasn't that at all.
(Oh how I wanted to tell you all about it!)

I just didn't know where to begin.

And honestly, I still don't.

This past year was exceedingly more than I imagined.
More lovely.
More beautiful.
More absolutely out-of-my-mind in love with the LORD.
More overwhelmed by how much HE loves me.
More peace-filled and certain.
More unpredictable.

This year was more freeing.
More passionate.
More painful.
More redemptive.
Absolutely immeasurably more.

The LORD led me into a place of promises fulfilled and hope restored.
HE opened up the path and the most wonderful man came alongside me, delighting me so fully with this deep desire of my heart.  A prayer's answer I wouldn't have expected, but upon reflection made perfect sense.

The LORD guarded me.
HE fought for me.
HE allowed me to fight for HIM.
HE taught me the art of HIS surrender and the powerful truth that the Enemy is defeated all the more with such a CHRIST-mirroring approach.
HE equipped me to do it.

Oh how I am amazed by the goodness of the LORD.

Oh how I am shocked by the power of HIS unshakable peace.

Oh how much I love HIM.

It's been quite a year.
And I have no idea how I'm going to tell you all about it.
But I'll start somewhere and we will see what happens.

HIS glory has been revealed to me in such a beautiful way, so as I enter into the newness and the space of 2015, I'm going to do my best to allow you a glimpse into it as well.

I think it will be fun.

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