Wednesday, August 28, 2013

seasons: on darkness & light.

Lately, GOD has been deepening my appreciation of seasons.
As if I've been given a heightened awareness of the subtle beauty found in bittersweetness.

I find myself captivated by the slight glimmer of light that peaks its way through a dark room.
Like the first light of morning.

It starts small.
But it holds its own as the darkness of night claims the space.

The little light patiently remains.
And it grows.

Soon it's a fierce light.
And the darkness has diminished.
Forced to give way to the fullness the light now carries.
And that fullness continues through the day.

Eventually evening comes.
The light's source continues on, turning a corner.
Slowly fading.
And the darkness fills its void.

It is quiet then.
But the light waits, certain that its source will return.

And it does.

There lies its beauty.
In the trusting.
In the waiting.
And in the brilliant gleam of morning.

She has no reason to fear.
Morning always comes.


"Write," HE says.

But I don't really have a blog.  At least not one that I want to use...

"Write," HE says.

But I don't know how to make a new one.  At least not a pretty new one.  I want the blog to look like "me", YOU know?  I don't want it to look cheesy.  I want it to be appealing to the eye... good fonts, nice layout... not too trendy..  I don't want to start writing a new blog until it looks good...

"Write," HE says.

But I don't really have anything all that special to say.  I mean, I know that we have good conversations, but who really wants to read that?  I know that YOU've shown me a lot of stuff that I think is really cool!  But I don't want to look like I think I'm something special or something...

"Jenna," HE softly speaks to me as HE leans in closer.  "Write."

I really want to LORD... but...

That's been the conversation.  Back and forth for a couple of years now.  HE says write.  I can't seem to figure out how.  Or I can't make the time.  Or I don't have the skills.  Or...  You know how it goes. The list of excuses is forever long.

But in the still moments, when I dare to ask what more do YOU want from me LORD?  HE whispers, "Write."  I know the words before I even finish the question.

So here I am.
My blog isn't all that appealing to the eye.
The fonts aren't what I would want them to be.
I'm not really all that qualified.
But HE's calling me here.
And I promised I'd follow.

So these words will come from the outpouring of our conversations.

Mine & HIS.

And maybe-- hopefully-- they will be a gift to you.

I'll tell you one thing:  HE really likes to talk.