Tuesday, December 31, 2013

reflections as another year ends.

2013: a year of learning to "choose better."

Developing new patterns of thought, eating habits, and behavior.
Overcoming lies.  Reclaiming truths.
Looking past the easily accessible.
Letting go of some of the "lesser things" that had kept my hands tied.
Searching for the "more" that had remained hidden among the mundane.

2013: a year of uprooted fears.

Looking those deeply rooted fears in the face.
Acknowledging and exploring them.
Facing those insecurities.
Understanding them.
Sharing the journey with others - young and old.
Blessing and being blessed by it.
The beauty of HIS deliverance.

2013: a year of fruits revealed.

Seeing beautiful evidence of HIS work.
HIS kindness in allowing me to see my role in it.
Encouraged.  Honored.  Challenged.
Beautiful breakthroughs.
Blossoming out of years of toil.
New opportunities.
Profound gifts.
The depth far exceeding the passing of their moment.

2013: a year of goodbyes.

Friendships changing forms.
Moves.  Transitions.  Repositioning.
Watching ones I love ache with grief.
Aching myself.
Grateful to see past the "ending" and into the eternal.
Grateful for the eternal.
HIS Presence.

2013: a year of dreams and prayer.

Seeing the smallness of my prayers.
The selfishness in my dreams.
Wanting better.
Dreaming bigger.
Prayers without words, for words can hardly contain.
And because I dare not attempt to restrict the stirrings.
Hands open.
Roots deepening.

A year of more Light.
A year of more Love.
A year of faith.
Trust without borders.
A year of mountaintops and radiant faces.
A year of valleys and the darkness of night.
The faithfulness of HIS new morning mercies.
The promise that fulfillment will come.
The waiting.
The meaning.
The wordless whispers.
The uncertainty.
And the freedom to embrace it all.

That is where 2013 leaves me.
And I have this peace filled, beautiful feeling that HE is smiling as this year hands me to over to the next.
Like something is coming.
And it will be good.