Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on the verge.

It's kinda funny.
The way GOD moves.

HIS orchestrations…
The most elaborate.
Delightfully detailed.
Yet simple.

Discoveries that are surprising,
Yet feel so familiar.
Like it's always been there.
And maybe it has.

Like a seed.
Planted in my heart from my beginning.
Planted in this place of time for this very moment.

It's on the verge of breaking through.
I feel it.

A moment is coming.
The stirrings will push me forward.
Out of the soil.
Vision clearly exposed.
Beauty revealed.

It's been growing.
And it's been messy.
That's what you get with soil.

Yes, it's almost time.
A harvest of sorts.

I feel myself stretching upward.
Eager for that first deep breath.
Lungs to fill with the purest of air,
Once I'm released into that open space.
Ascending from the ground.

Positioned to grow all the more.


  1. Your words are helping very one who reads them get through the day

    1. Thank you so much for that encouragement, Ford! I'm excited that you found my words helpful! :)